Why organise this event?

Women’s health, including pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period, is inextricably linked to offspring survival and well-being. With increasing cases of pregnancy complications such as preterm birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitus, coupled with a slow annual decrease (3%) of pregnancy associated deaths, progress is far too slow. Research into maternal health is now more important than ever and increasing awareness of the complications in an attempt to break the stigma around talking about women’s health is imperative.

Join us at this year’s Biochemical Society’s Early Career Life Scientists’ Symposium to explore how different scientific models can be used to study maternal health, as well as their use to determine efficacy of novel therapeutic interventions. To capture research from all disciplines investigating the physiological and biochemical parameters of maternal health, disease and treatment, our two-day virtual event is organised into 3 distinct themes covering topics based on the following research models:

To emphasise the ‘Bench to bedside’ approach, this theme will explore up-to-date research using animal models and will highlight how can these inform the clinical setting, with emphasis to current advancements of clinical trials investigating the use of therapeutics.

This theme will showcase the importance of using in vitro techniques that can be manipulated and used to gain a deeper understanding of molecular mechanisms and pathways and will focus on novel models that reflect physiological relevance to the lower female reproductive tract.

This theme will highlight the increased use of computer simulations and modelling in reference to biological experiments and in combination with the in vivo and in vitro topics will offer a holistic perspective of the research landscape. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend a ‘Lunch n Learn’ specialist workshop on the programming language ‘R’ to become familiar or to further their understanding of tools used in handling big data and data analytics underlying woman’s health research.

'From ECRs for ECRs'

Our committee consists of early career researchers (ECRs) who are passionate about improving our understanding of maternal health issues and their global impact. We are particularly excited to widen the participation of this virtual event to life scientists at the early stages of their careers who will benefit from exposure to a large body of interdisciplinary research presented by themselves, their peers and experienced delegates of the field. Attendees can also attend and interact with the panellists in the ‘Lunch n Learn’ session ‘Lessons from past & future’ which is dedicated to career development.

‘We are international’

Given the global impact of COVID-19 and related travelling restrictions, hosting an entirely virtual event ensures equal opportunities in delegate participation whilst making safety a priority.

We encourage and welcome attendance and abstract submission globally. We view this as a great opportunity for ECRs around the world to raise their profile and gain international exposure within their chosen research field of woman’s and children’s health & disease.